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X2 10GB Transceiver Modules

cisco x2 10gb

x2 10gb sr X2 10GB SR Transceiver
X2 10GB SR fiber optic transceiver module support a link of max 300 meters via multimode fiber. It is used in 10Gigabit applications including Ethernet and Fibre channel. We supply Cisco compatible X2 10GB SR transceivers which are used in 10 GB short reach applications.
x2 10gb lr X2 10GB LR Transceiver
X2 10GB LR transceiver module is a 1310nm single mode product with max 10km working span. We supply the Cisco compatible X2 10GB LR transceivers. The X2 fiber optic transceivers are used in 10Gigabit Ethernet.

Cisco X2 10Gb fiber optic transceiver module is a hot swappable products designed for 10Gbps applications. The X2 MSA were made by eight companies including JDSU, NEC, OPNEXT and TYCO, etc. Cisco X2 10Gb is used in 10Gbps LANs, enterprise networks and telecommunications.

Cisco X2 10Gb fiber transceiver module support a wide range of 10Gbps standards, include the 10Gbps Ethernet, OC192/STM-6 SONET/SDH, OC192 VSR and 10G Fibre Channel. We supply Cisco equivalent X2 fiber transceivers, they are not Cisco original but they are equivalent products only. typical products are the Cisco X2 10GB SR equivalent which use multimode fiber and Cisco X2 10GB LR which use single mode fiber for a 10km working distance. Our products are compatible to use with Cisco equipment but they are not original Cisco products, our X2 10gb fiber optic modules are good price and prompt delivery.


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