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Fiber Optic Terminal Boxes
We are professional fiber optic terminal boxes manufacturer, these closures are small size and flexible to use in FTTx projects, whether you would like to put it on desk, or you want to fix them on the wall, you can find the ideal solution here, the fiber optic terminal box can be with PLC splitters, pigtails and patch cables, there are a lot of connector optional and size choices.
Fiber Optic Terminal Box Type16 Fiber Optic Terminal Box Type16
This termination box act as interface between FTTx indoor equipment and outdoor equipment, the box can use many different kinds of connectors, it is convenient for line testing and cable connections. The termination box is 260X320X90mm size, weight is about 1.85KGs, made by ABS.We also have a smaller model with 181x45x207mm only.
pdf  Fiber Optic Terminal Box Type16
fiber terminal box e23 Fiber Optic Terminal Box E23
This terminal box is a wall mounted enclosure, it can be used indoor or outdoor, the box meet the IP55 standard, it has two different models, 265x300x78mm or 265x300x90cm, with different capacity, both model can use different type of connectors.
pdf Fiber Optic Terminal Box E23
fiber terminal box 12m Fiber Optic Terminal Box 12M

This terminal box is a simple and neat closure with wide applications, it act as a small fiber patch panel that can store, splice and protect the inner fibers and cables. This terminal box can be fixed on the wall. Box size is about 330x230x70mm.
pdf Fiber Optic Terminal Box 12M

terminal box fiber sx16 Fiber Optic Terminal Box SX16

This terminal box can be used on wall or other places by screws, they are with inner splicing trays to hold optical fibers, the closure cover is fixed by easy-screws (users can easily open the cover by hands), the terminal box can hold max 16cores, box size is about 305x254x80mm.

pdf Fiber Optic Terminal Box SX16

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